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Al-Hikmah Engineering Office


We are pleased totell about our office and the advisory, which was founded in September 1995 and specialized in working of studies and engineering designs and technical supervision of the buildings architectural projects, whether public projects or private projects and the various types (stone buildings , concrete buildings, metal buildings ).

Where it directs and performs these actions qualified technical staff with long experience (up to when some of them more than twenty-five years) in the field of engineering and technical work using modern software engineering, including (AutoCAD, Staad Pro, Development Landscape, and other software engineering).

Our office also has provided many of the technical equipment such as computers distinctive modern, which connected with internal network, printing documents machines , printing Drawings machines engineering plans with the larger sizes (A0) and multi-use space devices (Levels, and total Station).

The following images show some of the projects that are made by our office (technical studies and supervision).

We hope to be at the confidence of all, and God the Source of strength.

General manager
Engineer / Hussein Mohamed Alhayuoti